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Announcement of Organizational Changes and Strengthening Leadership in Green Energy by Jhuo Sih International Co. LTD

Published 07 03 2024

Jhuo Sih International Co. LTD, a leading provider of green energy solutions, today announced significant organizational restructuring and personnel changes to accelerate our leadership position in the green energy industry and achieve our commitment to carbon reduction.

In this personnel change, former Chairman Mr. Mei has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer. With his extensive experience and vision in the field of green energy, Mr. Mei will further drive the company's leading position in green technology innovation and sustainable development strategies. Mr. Mei's leadership will accelerate our transformation towards more efficient, low-carbon energy solutions, providing customers worldwide with greener and more sustainable choices.

At the same time, we warmly welcome Mr. Liu to join our board of directors and assume the role of Chairman. As a new shareholder, Mr. Liu brings a fresh perspective and profound knowledge in environmental sustainability, which will have a profound impact on our green transformation strategy and carbon reduction efforts. Mr. Liu's leadership will further consolidate Jhuo Sih International Co. LTD 's position as a leader in the green energy industry, driving greater environmental and social value globally.

Jhuo Sih International Co. LTD has been committed to advancing global environmental sustainability through innovative green energy technologies and solutions. The personnel change not only strengthens our leadership team but also reinforces our determination to achieve a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

With the new leadership team in place, Jhuo Sih International Co. LTD will continue to drive innovation and application of green energy technologies, striving for lower carbon footprint and higher energy efficiency, and providing cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions globally.

New Southbound Policy 2023

Published 19 09 2023 - 21 09 2023

In 2023, we were selected for the New Southbound Policy of the Taiwan Commerce Development Research Institute.

The New South Lane Policy is a foreign economic and trade strategy meeting held by Taiwan's Executive Yuan based on the president's decision.

Therefore, our team actively contacts with government consultants in Singapore and Malaysia and holds business meetings focus on Biomass Energy with many enterprises.

Also, our team went visit Singapore and Malaysia for business exchanges, with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions, clean energy, and smart energy.

MGTC Visiting

Published 19 09 2023 - 21 09 2023

Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) is an agency under the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change.

With the coordination between Malaysia and Taiwan, our team visited Malaysia’s Bureau of Foreign Trade and learned more about Malaysia’s planning, promotion and layout of green energy and green economy.

Our team also communicated with the director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office of Taiwan in Malaysia to work together for future cooperation between Taiwan and Malaysia.

Smart Energy Expo.

Published 19 09 2023 - 21 09 2023

Visiting: Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation, IGEM and SMART Nation Expo.

Our team visited the Malaysia 2023 Smart Energy Exhibitions and met with companies at the exhibition, which helped us understand the country’s demand for agricultural waste recycling or green energy needed, as well as more technical exchanges and cooperation plan discussions.

Jhuo Sih International, Aurelia, PSC and agree to collaborate in Taiwan

Published 10 07 2023

Jhuo Sih International (JSIC) Aurelia, PSC have agreed to jointly develop, promote, and maintain A400 turbine generation sets and components in Taiwan. Companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding in the beginning of June. The MoU will combine each party’s expertise and resources.

Taiwan is seen as a promising market for all parties. At the begging of 2022, the shareholder of JSIC saw a promising future in the Syngas (Fuel) market and Investment funding to GAMA. Also, JSIC selected, one of the best turbine generators in the world, A400.Earlier in 2023, an A400 unit destined to operate on syngas was shipped out from Aurelia’s factory in Lappeenranta to Taiwan. With the turbine, Taiwanese GAMA is planning to burn fuel produced from construction waste and agricultural waste through a gasification process. GAMA's business strategy of converting waste to energy includes the A400 as a key enabler because competing gas engines cannot operate on the produced syngas.

Syngas, or synthesis gas, is a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in various ratios. The gas often contains some carbon dioxide and methane. Small and efficient gas turbines made by Aurelia are fuel flexible. They can use syngas, hydrogen, biogas, and other renewable and non-standard fuels.

Taiwan has made the goal of being net-zero by or before 2050 by using Hydrogen as a fuel and dedicated in Hydrogen energy generator.